Air terjun gunung pulai. Cabin Chalet Gunung Pulai Johor Kini di buka semula Tapi maaf ye untuk Perkhemahan kami tutup […]

The area in which the pair was found was close to Ulu Choh Dam in Pontian which is about 20km […]

1222020 Gunung Pulai is a 600 meter-tall mountain situated in the district of Baling Kedah. Also known as topographic prominence […]

The cave in Mount Pulai Kedah. Dato Toh Ah Boon was a Chinese community leader and one of the biggest […]

Mukhriz bergambar bersama penduduk sambil memegang kain rentang Save Gunung Pulai. Pelbagai permainan GERAK kami mainkan. Pin Oleh Jelajah Maya […]

The SUN 21 Jan 17000 year old artifacts unearthed in Gunung Pulai Baling. Bernama 22 Jan Tourism potential for Gunung […]

Richard hops across the border from Singapore with SG Trek into Malaysias Johor State to hike up the small but […]

2-25 hours depending on ur stamina. Easy Good for beginners who are fit to hike 4-5hours in steep jungle terrain […]

For 4 days 2 Singaporeans were lost on a mountain with dangers and little food. GH Gunung Hub Enterprise 002756519-P […]

A popular recreational location amongst locals as well as for Singaporeans the hike up and down Gunung Pulai is five […]